Call us before you begin negotiations.

Facts are the foundation of all successful business negotiations. You have a lot at stake when you sit at the negotiating table, so you'll want an appraisal at hand that stands up to scrutiny and at your side a valuation expert with credibility.

Calling us before you start negotiations is in your best interest. We've earned a reputation for delivering credible and comprehensive analyses. We work closely with you to develop an appraisal that is tailored to your purpose. We accurately analyze the value of the business, giving you an important tool to help you make the best possible decisions.

With us on your team at the beginning, you start right, sparing you the expense and aggravation of re-negotiation, litigation or damaged business relationships.

All Business Types & Interests, including:

  • Closely held companies and professional practices
  • Family limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Control/non-control shares or interests
  • Fractional ownership interests
  • ESOPs and valuations for financial reporting (VFR) in compliance with international accounting rules
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