Here’s what won’t solve your problem: A shoddy appraisal.

In real estate, a poorly constructed building is a liability. In business, clients soon stop buying inferior products and services. In valuation, an undiscerning analysis may come back to haunt you – in poor litigation outcomes, unfavorable investment decisions or strained business relationships.

Herman Appraisal Services delivers credible values that you can count on. We carefully build each individualized appraisal from the ground up – we don't cut corners and we don't pull numbers from "thin air." What you get is a highly reliable valuation that you can literally take to the bank.

Your Time is Valuable.

We know your time is valuable and deadlines are important. Our process is thorough, our analyses are accurate and insightful, your results are nearly unchallengeable; yet, we meet even the most urgent deadlines.

So when it comes time to consider which appraisal firm to trust with your most sensitive matters, remember it’s always worth investing in best-in-class. Because in the end, time and money well spent today on your appraisal means more of both to spend later on what matters most to you or your client.

Success Story: How to Make Money from Air


Developers of the Stone Arch Plaza in Minneapolis' historic riverfront district need innovative financing to complete the project.


Develop a nine-story office and cultural complex on the site and donate the remaining "air rights" to the Minnesota Historical Society®. "Our appraisal of those air rights determined the sizeable tax deduction for Stone Arch Plaza investors," says Ellen Herman.


Investors obtained significant tax savings, while riverfront curators and the public benefited from a permanent Historic Preservation Easement.

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